What does meditation mean to you?

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Does the word make you roll your eyes or do you have a current practise? There are different ways you can meditate, experiment and see what works for you. Even if it’s simply sitting somewhere quiet and focusing on your breathing. No hippy pants required I promise.

Meditation can reduce (negative) stress, improve sleep, improve relationships and increase focus.

“The quality of the breath is not only related to the length of our lives, but is intimately connected to the mental and emotional states as can be seen by how the breath changes with different states of mind.”

Swami Karma Karuna


Headspace – both free and subscription resources

Buddhify – subscription resources

1 Giant Mind – both free and subscription resources

Calm – both free and subscription resources

There is an abundance of You Tube channels for guided and unguided meditations.

Check out local mindfulness/meditation classes in your area, there will be several to choose from.

“If you are quiet enough, you will hear the flow of the universe. You will feel its rhythm. Go with this flow. Happiness lies ahead. Meditation is key.”


Lying down somewhere and focusing on doing a set of 10 diaphragmatic (abdominal/belly) breaths is a good way to start looking at how you breathe. This type of breathing also slows the heartbeat and can lower/stabilise blood pressure.

One tool I use is my acupressure mat and pillow, focusing on my breathing with my hand on my tummy. I also like lying on my bed with my feet up against the wall focusing on my breath and trying not to attach myself to the many thoughts that whirl through my mind.

Meditation for you could be walking the dogs and remaining totally present, watching a sunset or listening to your favourite music. You can do it anytime of the day, start with as little as 3 mins and then increase from there. Think of it as a time out to focus on your breath and be present.

Its totally okay to take this time for yourself, happy meditating team!

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