Who is right for health coaching?

Health Coaching is for you if you are serious about taking charge of your own health and wellbeing.

Do you need a little inspiration and a lot of accountability for looking after your own wellbeing needs?

Are you willing to be coached?

Are you serious about investing in your own personal health and wellbeing?

If you answered yes to these then health coaching is for you.

What makes Health Coaching so effective?

The traditional healthcare paradigm views the health practitioner as the expert. The expert sets the treatment goals, focuses on why the patient hasn’t made the changes they need to, and provides advice and solutions.

This approach often doesn’t work. We only need to look around to see that. People are overweight, still smoke, drink too much, don’t sleep enough… the list goes on.

Behavioural change is hard. That’s why Health Coaching offers a different approach.

How Health Coaching works

In Health Coaching I will walk alongside you. I respect you as the expert in your own life. You choose your own areas to focus on, and I will meet you where you are at.

Through our coaching sessions I will engage with you in a way that builds trust, connects with emotions, and drives meaningful and sustainable behaviour change to help you on your path.

What do the Health Coaching sessions involve?

You’ll receive deep coaching sessions to work through the health, wellbeing and life issues most important to you. You’ll also receive feedback and tailored plans and training in the areas that you want to improve. You will have weekly access to me as your coach and all the support you need.

Now is the time to make a difference, don't wait any longer, do something good for yourself starting from today. Yes you have a big journey ahead, but let’s move the focus from weight to creating daily habits to make you feel better, the weight starts to change as you change your habits. It’s a slow process, there is no rush, and you will have ups and downs. The key is consistency. You are in a safe space, there is no judgment and we focus on each day and keeping taking those daily steps.

Questions to ponder...

* What is your biggest challenge right now?

* What have you tried before? Explore what has worked and why. 

* What are you afraid will happen if you don’t take action now?

* What will improve about your life when you transform and overcome this challenge?

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