My own health has had its ups and downs throughout the years, Ive struggled with weight, eating disorders and depression, anxiety along the way.

For my own exercise I like to take my raining outside with ocean swimming, cycling and the occasional run. I love the outdoors, thats how I replenish my soul so any chance to get out into nature is a good time for me. I enjoy hiking, being by the water, beaches; I still enjoy a good weights session at the gym too. Lot's of variety for me.

I am patient, understanding and have empathy for my clients. This health stuff is hard to conquer, often it's not an intellectual issue it's much deeper than that, we have to challenge our belief systems and dig around in our brains to be able to make positive changes. I believe it's totally a life long process, with constant tweaks needed along the way. Let's be kind to ourselves and do what we can when we can right?

I am specifically trained to implement exercises upon completion of a client-centric appraisal system. A unique system I apply to every client which provides specific information about their bodies; strengths, weaknesses and restrictions. It provides the "fuel" for a unique training approach for completely focused and targeted outcomes.

I have the skills required to deliver BEST and SAFEST results for you.

Emma Goldstraw x

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