Exercise can and does make a difference.

Emma is qualified to deliver specific exercises for those with Parkinson’s Disease.

We know with Parkinson's that optimal medication + optimal exercise program = Improved quality of life and improved function.

Attending a group class positively impacts some of your non-motor symptoms, exercise can help with depression, anxiety and apathy. In a room with others who understand your situation you feel more comfortable, and get all those lovely social benefits as well.

We want quality, consistent movement that pushes you, we need to combine brain and body to get the desired benefits.

Emma integrates PD Warrior, boxing skills, strength, balance exercises, cognitive games and a bit of laughter to deliver a session that will challenge.

Exercise with Parkinson's needs to include new movements and sequences, yes walking or golf is great and keep doing those, however we need to challenge the brain; reorganise, grow and change our neural pathways.

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