Feedback is always good to get whether it’s positive or negative. Take a look at what the Total Heath clients had to say about their experience in 2018.

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91% would recommend services to a friend or colleague

83% were very satisfied with services, everyone else was satisfied

The buzz words that were used when asked to describe Total Health services were reliable, high quality, useful, unique and value for money. 

Services met everyone’s needs to either extremely well or to a very well standard.

Everyone rated service quality as very high or high with Emma’s responsiveness to questions/concerns as extremely responsive. I pride myself in being available for my clients throughout the week, I make this clear that my services go beyond actual session time. 

I was overwhelmed with the results, surveying is a business tool I have been using since I started and it’s a simple way to track client engagement. 

Some additional loveliness that was left for me in the survey.

“Variety is a big plus for me in terms of the exercises we do. Love the total approach and focus on the person’s issues/weakness’, correct form and easy going manner.”

“Your level of genuine concern and respect toward my body and mind has been amazing. I have felt pushed but not stressed so thank you.”

“The best thing I have ever done for my overall health was booking my first session with Emma two and a half years ago.”

“Great service all around. Keep doing what you are doing.”

A massive thanks to all my clients past and present, if you would like to discuss your specific health requirements please get in touch.


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