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This years survey results are in, I like to send out a yearly survey to my clients as all feedback is good feedback and I am constantly striving to improve what I do so I can support more people.

Everyone who received a survey request completed the survey which is fantastic.

  • 81% of people would recommend me with the other 19% being passive
  • 100% people very satisfied or satisfied
  • People describe me as reliable, high quality and useful.

Key quotes from the team 

“Keep doing what you are doing!”

“Very personalised, takes time to get to know you. Lots of encouragement and sessions tailored to you individually.”

“Emma supports you step by step and this is much appreciated.”

“Supports older adult’s fitness”

“Tailored workout program, goal setting each week for eating or movement, Emma checks in with you before the session to make sure you have no areas of concern (anything painful) before embarking on your exercise, checks on energy levels and how you are.”

“makes you feel good about yourself even on shitty days when you don’t meet your goal”


Thanks everyone for taking the time to complete, means a lot to me, all your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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