Most women post puberty have some degree of cellulite, it affects 90% of women and 10% of men, and get this – it is totally NORMAL!

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Several of my female clients ask me about cellulite so I have done some research and put together some information for you. Most women post puberty have some degree of cellulite, it affects 90% of women and 10% of men, it is totally NORMAL. Lifestyle factors, hormones, genetics, race and body shape all contribute towards the chances of having it.

If you do have cellulite you can’t get rid of it completely (sorry ladies), however you may
be able to reduce its appearance with lifestyle tweaks.

Cellulite consists of several changes within your skin, coupled with circulation issues and changes within the fat cells themselves. For women once we hit puberty, our bodies are very responsive to our hormones. So blame our hormones! Estrogen, insulin and prolactin all play their part in the development of cellulite.

It’s the image and feel of cellulite which causes ladies distress.


What can we do to reduce cellulite?

If you sit down all day you need to move about more and increase circulation, as areas prone to cellulite already have decreased blood flow. Get moving team, I’m not only talking exercise I’m talking movement. Cleaning, gardening, walking, cycling, playing with your kids, cooking; all of these activities count as movement. Fill your day with movement. We want to “decrease your body’s insulin levels and make your muscle cells more receptive to burning up carbs and fats for energy.” As well as daily movement we want a mix of cardio and full body strength training.

And the next one, you guessed it, is dietary tweaks. A good start is to minimise toxins from what we consume. Think sugar/simple carbs, booze, cigarettes, caffeine, high sodium foods and nasty fats. We are looking for a diet consisting of quality carbohydrates (grains, starchy veg and all the veg). protein sources, quality fats and legumes. We are looking for a colourful diet to provide you with all the antioxidants, vitamins and minerals your body loves. Hydrate yourself with mostly water.

Massage and dry brushing may also be beneficial to reduce its appearance. There are also various beauty treatments available, but their results are questionable, they may improve cellulite for a short time.

I was listening to a podcast the other day, from which I took the message that as women and men, we need to love and appreciate our bodies at every stage of our lives, that each new decade brings challenges, and allows us a new opportunity to embrace our bodies. Acceptance and pride will help you on this journey, really try hard to focus on all your many positives. I’ve been working hard at this, it’s not easy, however its vital for a life free of constant self-criticism, of over exercising and disordered eating.

While you may be able to reduce your cellulite you can’t get rid of it so its time to embrace it ladies and let it go. Focus that wasted energy on something awesome.


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