Now I am no expert on gut health but Dr Jensen makes a lot of sense and he believes that all disease stems from our gut health. If this is true then we all need to relook at what we eat!

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I have been reading up on gut health and experimenting with products. I am working with a client with a plethora of gut problems too, I’m picking up knowledge from their situation.

I have recently finished reading the text Dr.Jensen’s Guide to Better Bowel Care, a fascinating read. Dr Jensen started at as a chiropractor and became increasingly dissatisfied. He became aware that his clients needed more than spinal adjustments, that they needed adjustments in their ways of living. He opened a sanitarium and began to help people find the path to true health.

He found that people in the West suffer from far too many gastrointestinal (GI) problems. He truly believes that all disease stems from our gut health. I am no expert however his findings make a lot of sense to me

” The body is an organisation. It digests food, processes oxygen, and undertakes numerous other activities. Every organ contributes something to the body and its activities. As human beings, we need every cell, tissue, and organ that was put into our body. The body is the instrument through which we live, and we should treat it with respect. We cannot take our body, so wonderfully put together, and expect it to function properly if we violate all the natural laws that are necessary for it to be well. ”

Dr Jensen has dietary laws that he believes everyone should follow, these are his beliefs.

  1. Opt for natural, whole and pure foods. Whole foods build a whole body.
  2. Eat foods in correct proportions, heavy on the veggies.
  3. Have an 80/20 split of alkaline (fruit/veg) and acidic foods. (starches/proteins)
  4. Our body needs variety.
  5. Eat 60% raw foods.
  6. Nature can cure us, if we feed our body adequate nutrients.
  7. Eat in moderation .
  8. Avoid nutrient deficiency (disease) by eating enough whole foods.
  9. Be aware of negative food combinations.

As we know what we consume has a positive or negative impact on our body and our health.

This week I would like you to focus in on one area of your nutrition that you could improve. Pick one thing and focus on that. It could be drinking more water, reducing caffeine, adding in a vegetable serve, using less salt, eating 1 less take aways. It really doesn’t have to be difficult, start with little steps and build from those.

If you are suffering with preexisting  gut issues then seek out help from a doctor and/or a nutritionist/dietician.

**Dr Jensen’s Guide to better Bowel Care,  I am not a nutritionist/dietician, I’m sharing the information of Dr Bernard Jensen and my own opinions. 


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