Remedial for both body and mind. A relaxing, energising and restorative treatment now available.

This is a treatment modality combining the body’s fascial (connective tissue) system with the lymphatic (transmission fluid) system, and where the combination of both systems together enables synergistic actions of both.

The lymphatic system is the body's equivalent of a sewage system - we eliminate our waste, by-products of inflammation, and enhance our immune system with our lymphatic system.

If there’s a blockage in the system - toxins build up, and this means our cells can’t replenish with vital nutrients and oxygen.

And helping our fascial or connective tissue system doesn’t just free up our physical body, but can ‘counsel’ our emotional body, and has a massive role to play if we succumb to pain or disease too.

This is not just a healing treatment that boosts our immunity and wellbeing, but feels beautifully luxurious too. Remedial for both body and mind.

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