Emma will appraise you at the beginning of each session and use a myo-fascial (muscle-connective tissue) approach to your exercise.

What is fascia?

Fascia is essentially the elastic that surrounds everything in our bodies. As movement specialist John Polley says "it covers every nerve, bone, muscle and internal organ, so to ignore this tissue in movement is a huge oversight".

What can movement coaching do for you?

relieves restriction/tension
improves your range of motion
improves strength
improves posture
enables you to have improved body awareness
improves balance
improves aerobic conditioning
relieve pain

Movement coaching will improve your physical, mental and emotional health.

Why the 3D?

We move 3-dimensionally, within three movement planes (sagittal, frontal and transverse), our body LIKES variety. Here at Total Health Emma will train you for your life and sport, for all day everyday, for the life you want to live.

Variety isn't just the spice of life, it's one of our basic needs. Tony Robbins includes it in his "six core human needs; certainty, variety, significance, love/connection, growth and contribution." I believe absolutely that we need to train our bodies congruent to this fact.

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