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3D Movement looks at the body as a whole. We appraise you at the beginning of each session and aim to have you leaving the session feeling "freer", stronger and with the feeling of "space"in your body.

Fascia is essentially the elastic that surrounds everything in our bodies. As movement specialist John Polley says "it covers every nerve, bone, muscle and internal organ, so to ignore this tissue in movement is a huge over sight"

Fascia is a web of connective-tissue, there are 10 x more sensory nerve endings in fascia than in muscles, it's necessary that we stimulate the fascia as well as the muscles. We have different fascial lines within our body connecting the body as a whole and our movement training at Total Health works with this system.

What can Movement Coaching do for you?

relieves restriction/tension
improves your range of motion
improves strength
improves posture
enables you to have improved body awareness
improves balance
improves aerobic conditioning
relieves pain

Why the 3D?

We move 3-dimensionally, within three movement planes sagittal, frontal and transverse. We believe in making you strong in all your movement planes, real life dictates that we can move this way so we put a lot of emphasis on this in our sessions.

Variability is important for our bodies and minds, moving in different ways has been shown to improve athletic performance, increase physiological adaptation and reduce the rates of injury.

3D Movement coaching will improve your physical, mental and emotional health.

It enables us to create mind and body awareness as we play with moving our body in different spaces.
Once connected with our body, the movement exercises we use assist with relieving stress, and gives you another tool to help with depression, stress and anxiety management.

Did you know it takes 400 repetitions to learn a new skill BUT through play it takes 12?
(Dr Karyn Purvis)

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